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EuroNatur Foundation (EuroNatur)
Westendstraße 3
D-78315 Radolfzell
Tel.: 0049-7732 – 92 72 0
Fax: 0049-7732 – 92 72 22

Executive Director: Gabriel Schwaderer
EuroNatur is a private foundation with legal capacity under civil law. Executive Director Gabriel Schwaderer is authorised to represent the foundation.

Supervisory Authority: Regierungspräsidium Freiburg, Aktenzeichen 14-2214.8

Non-profit status:
Since we promote science, national education, animal and nature protection, landscape conservation and environment protection, we are exempt from corporate tax (following § 5 Abs. 1 Nr.9 German Corporation Tax Act) and trade tax (following § 3 Nr. 6 German Trade Tax Act) for the year 2015, in accordance with the notice of exemption by the Singen Tax Office dated from 27 December 2016 (Tax Nr. 18153/25263).

The foundation promotes the following, particularly eligible charitable purposes: the implementation and promotion of science-based projects with a focus on Europe, its aim of preserving endangered wildlife populations and their habitats, as well as the protection and nature-compatible development of ecologically important natural and cultural landscapes, which includes the lobbying and measures for environmental education.

Viviane Meyer, Stefan Ferger, Gabriel Schwaderer, Jovana Janjusevic
Translations: Iain Macmillan

Layout and technical implementation
Die Werteagentur
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78359 Orsingen-Nenzingen
Tel. +49 7771 91 98 340

Graphic design (campaign visual)
Kerstin Sauer

Liability Note
With the decision of 12th May 1998 the Regional Court of Hamburg declared that the setting up of a link may entail accepting responsibility for the contents of the linked site. This can only be avoided by distancing oneself  explicitly from these contents.
We – the EuroNatur Foundation – have set up a number of links to other servers. We declare for all of these links that we exert no influence on the layout and contents of the linked pages. We herewith explicitly distance ourselves from all contents of the linked pages stating clearly that their contents are not our own.

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In the interests of readability, this website largely refrains from using gender-neutral language. The use of a male form should therefore be regarded as referring to both genders, regarded as equal.

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