For salt.

With the #SaveSalina-Campaign we are pushing for salt production which is in harmony with wildlife.

The story of the Ulcinj Salina began in the 1920s. From 1935 to 2013, up to 400 employees were producing 40 000 tons of salt annually in the best years! The salt extraction process is quite fascinating. The salty seawater is channelled through large basins, part of the water evaporates, and the salt content in the remaining water increases. Finally, it is just the “white gold” which remains behind. But why are we committed to the preservation of the Ulcinj Salina? From all points of view, ecological, economic and cultural, the Salina is a real treasure and of international importance.

After privatisation in 2005 the Salina was gradually wound down economically and, in 2013, salt extraction was finally stopped. In The Story you can find out the whole story behind it.


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