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Our vision is to re-establish the Salina as an important part of the life of the people of Ulcinj in Montenegro.

For those interested in wildlife and culture, the Salina is a big attraction. As soon as it is back in operation, the Salina will offer a whole range of development opportunities: from the sale and extraction of salt, to wildlife tourism, to a virtually limitless range of imaginative small business models. We have brought together some ideas which you will find in the picture Gallery below the voices from Ulcinj.


Voices from Ulcinj:








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Gregor Šubic




“We had 80 years of tradition to learn how to produce salt, and what salt means to this region. … Without salt production this place will die, it won´t excist any more“ Aleksandar Perović – biologist


“The Salina had a great value, it gave back benefits, but they are losing it.“  Luka Donović – shepherd


“We used to drink water directly from Bojana River. Now it is polluted. It is contaminated … A lot of tourists visit during summer, … They leave a lot of trash, and we have to pick it up. We don´t have the capacity to clean it all.“ Mahmud Karastanović


“We used to say that we could go out into the center of Belgrad with our workwear. You could also attend a wedding in these work suits, guaranteed!“ Smail Kaja – former Salt Worker


“Construction is going on and destruction of nature is happening. … Lots of people come to take pictures of birds. They are rare, found only in the Salina here“ Bucko Selčanin











Video: Ulcinj Salina – The Endangered Treasure of Ulcinj


Interview with Mr. Djuric, former salt worker in the Saline Ulcinj

Pavle Djuric is the oldest man to sign the national petition for the protection of the Salina Ulcinj. In the interview he talks about the time as a salt worker and his hopes for the future of the salina.

You can see the video here.   © Aleksandar Miladinović, BBC Serbia



This music video has been made by MSJA together with several montenegrin artists:

Dedicated to the incredible peace of earth, the unique and endangered Ulcinj Salina, the so called “biggest bird-airport” in the Mediterranean. Over 260 species of birds rest & bread here and it is their last “fueling station” on their way to Africa and vice versa to Siberia. You can watch the video here.


Salina Ulcinj – values for ecotourism

A short documentary made by CZIP about the Salina Ulcinj and possible usages and values for the region. You can watch the video here.

The white gold

As soon as the salt production is re-vived about 400 people will be able to work in Ulcinj Salina. A real economy booster!

Moisturing mud

Mud is really healthy! Probably not when eating it but definitely for your skin. In Salina there is the opportunity to offer mud cures and balneotherapy for the tourists. Probably somebody will invent the Ulcinj Mudslinging Tournament?

Birder's paradise

Check, check and check! If you are one of the birders longing to write down new species on your list you will be very lucky in Ulcinj Salina! Here you can find about 250 bird species such as Little Egret, Dalmatian Pelican and – if you signed the Petition – also the Greater Flamingo.

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