Natural treasures are subject to overexploitation everywhere. EuroNatur stands for a different way. The foundation’s nature and species conservation projects help preserve Europe’s nature in its beauty and diversity. EuroNatur protects large-scale natural landscapes as well as ecologically valuable cultural landscapes throughout Europe.

EuroNatur projects are designed for the long term and involve the needs of local people. We strive not only for the protection of wildlife and its habitats in Europe, but also for an ecologically sustainable development of the respective region – in harmony with nature.

We emphasize cooperating with local partner organisations and provide our partners in the EuroNatur project areas with the necessary support that enables them to effectively protect nature.

Stefan Ferger, project leader @EuroNatur, © Viviane Meyer
Viviane Meyer, former Campaigner @Euronatur, © Stefan Ferger
Janinka Lutze, Campaigner
@Euronatur, © Janinka Lutze

Center for Protection and Research of Birds (CZIP) was founded in December 2000 by professional ornithologists of the Republic Institute for Nature Protection, Natural History Museum, PE National Parks and by students of the Department of Biology (Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics) from Podgorica. CZIP is a member of IUCN and BirdLife International.
CZIP mission is to protect birds and other animal and plant species, their habitats, biodiversity monitoring of Montenegro, citizen education, popularisation of scientific research, as well as cooperation with other organizations at home and abroad, dealing with the protection of nature.
The objectives of the organization are:
– To initiate, encourage and support scientific and professional research of ornithofauna and other biodiversity groups in the area of Montenegro;
– To promote and present to national and international public the richness of biodiversity;
– To educate and raise awareness of people about their knowledge of birds and other mem bers of biodiversity;
– To indicates to the needs and means of protection of birds and their habitats, as well as other members of bio diversity.
The vision of the Center is the harmony in the relationship between people and nature and economic development based on the principles of sustainable use of resources.

Igor from CZIP, © Viviane Meyer
Jovana Janjusevic from CZIP, © Viviane Meyer

BirdLife International is a global partnership of conservation organisations (NGOs) that strives to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, working with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources. Together we are 121 BirdLife Partners worldwide – one per country or territory – and growing.

We are driven by our belief that local people, working for nature in their own places but connected nationally and internationally through our global Partnership, are the key to sustaining all life on this planet. This unique local-to-global approach delivers high impact and long-term conservation for the benefit of nature and people.

Sofia Capellan from Birdlife International, © Viviane Meyer
Ivan Ramirez from Birdlife International, © Viviane Meyer
Liz Auton from Birdlife International, © Viviane Meyer

The Dr. Martin Schneider-Jacoby Association (MSJA) was founded in May 2016 in memory of the late Dr. Martin Schneider-Jacoby and to honor his contributions to nature conservation in the Balkans. The last 10 years of his life Martin Schneider Jacoby has been working intensively to protect unique ecosystems, especially in Montenegro and Ulcinj. The aim of the association is to protect the biodiversity of the Salina Ulcinj and other natural monuments in Ulcinj. In particular, the association has taken on the following activities:

– raising public awareness for the importance of a legally protected saline Ulcinj;
– development and implementation of action plans for the protection of Saline Ulcinj
– interaction with relevant public decision-makers and stakeholders;

MSJA – founding members are: Zenepa Lika; Gudrun Elisabeth Steinacker, former German Ambassador for Montenegro; Gabriel Schwaderer, CEO of EuroNatur; and Darko Saveljic.

Zenepa Lika from MSJA, © Viviane Meyer

Tour du Valat, a research institute for the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands, conducts numerous activities with partners to the north and south of the Mediterranean basin.

Founded in 1954 by Luc Hoffmann, a visionary naturalist with a passion for ornithology, the Tour du Valat has since developed its research activities for the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands. Convinced that these rich but highly threatened habitats can only be conserved if human activities and natural heritage are reconciled, the Tour du Valat has been developing research and integrated management programmes for several decades. Its three-prong approach aims to provide concrete responses for key issues by: generating knowledge and sharing it to strengthen the capacities of those concerned, including users, natural site managers and scientists, influencing the effective management of these environments, and informing public policies.

Marc Thibault from Tour du Valat, © Viviane Meyer
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